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May 12, 2009

Flash Camp Orlando 

by Maxim Porges @ 6:57 PM | Link | Feedback (0)

After a great event in Miami, the Flex community is doing it again with Flash Camp Orlando. Don't be put off by the name - this is a Flex conference through and through, with the name being driven by some arcane motivations from deep within Adobe's marketing department. However, since Adobe is sponsoring the event, they could call it Giant Lollypop Tomfoolery and I'd still be happy to support it.

The event is taking place on May 29th, 2009 with an early bird special available until 5/15. There are going to be some great speakers there (with the exception of me, since I am a total ass hat). You'll get to see brand new content plus a few popular topics being repeated from the Miami event.

So what's the vig? We're talking $35 with the early bird for an all-day event including parking and lunch. That's a steal - even more so if you get lucky and you end up with a prize worth more than the entry price, and Adobe always comes through with loads of great prizes so the chances are high that you will walk away with a little something-something (or even a big one - some lucky fellow got a full Adobe Creative Suite package at the Miami event!).

If you are even remotely interested in or involved with Flex development I highly recommend you register right away. I'll see you there!