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Apr 7, 2009

Loom Looms On The Horizon 

by Maxim Porges @ 1:37 AM | Link | Feedback (0)

Great news - Loom is at the point where I can p0wn the ActionScript Virtual Machine; it is, as they say, my bitch.

I spent the evening plugging in some dynamic proxying love, and the results are awesome. I've got a few more tasks on my plate, but the Loom API is working great and the AVM is slurping up Loom's dynamically weaved bytecode without complaining.

I'm highly confident I'll have a working AOP proxy by the week's end. In the interim, I've been able to take a template ABC (ActionScript Bytecode) file and enhance it by adding method and slot traits. I was able to introduce a Dictionary to the class (which it did not have when it was originally compiled) and access/manipulate it via a custom Loom namespace. I also wove in a new method that was not there before, and added the appropriate opcodes (basically the AVM's assembly language) to trace a message to the world from Loom.

With all that now working, I'm off to bed. :)