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Mar 4, 2009

Where's Loom? 

by Maxim Porges @ 12:46 AM | Link | Feedback (3)

I'm so close to getting Loom finished that I can taste it, but unfortunately life has been getting in the way in the last few weeks. Grrr!

I had to get my presentation finished for the Flex Camp this week, and I'm getting married in April so meetings with vendors have been eating up at least one day of each weekend since the end of January. I also had a bachelor weekend with a few buddies last weekend, which was great fun - but all in all I've been unable to put as much time in to Loom recently as I was able to in January.

Things will really start to quiet down for me on the personal front starting this month, since we're running out of vendors to meet with before the big day. Plus, Jessica will be in New York for a bachelorette weekend with her friends in a few weeks, so I'll have two whole days to sit on the couch in my undies and write code.

Bottom line, I intend to have some working code up on Loom's site later this month. Watch this space for updates...