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May 19, 2008

StrikeTracker 1.5 Featured on Front Page 

by Maxim Porges @ 6:14 PM | Link | Feedback (0)

All the hard work is paying off: published a front-page article based upon a sneak preview we delivered of the new features and functionality in StrikeTracker 1.5 (codenamed "Dark Magic"). We are presently polishing off the 1.5 release here at Highwinds, making sure it is as high quality as possible before it rolls out.

The article speaks for itself, but I can assure you that the stuff we've been working on in the short time I have been here is awesome. Between a rotating 3D visualization of the Earth showing the location of traffic being served by the network, to advanced and flexible content protection mechanisms that are easily configurable by end users, to the analytics dashboard I have been working on since my arrival, we have a full-packed release in store (although I should note that some of these new features are already out in the wild due to our simple web-based delivery model).

The entire CDN and User Experience dev teams have been working really hard on this release, and it shows. If you want to see it for yourself ahead of the official launch around 30 days from now, check out the Highwinds booth at Streaming Media East - and tell them Max sent you! :) Not only will you get a tour of the new features, but Chris, Jay, Josh, Mark, Tara, or Steve will be happy to provision an account for you on the spot (see if any other CDNs can do that) and give you a free 14 day trial of our services.