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May 4, 2008

More Feedback on Flex Without Frameworks 

by Maxim Porges @ 2:22 AM | Link | Feedback (4)

I ran in to both Chris Scott and Joe Rinehart on separate occasions this evening after my talk, and they both said that they were doing Flex development exactly like I was - no framework, extending EventDispatcher in their Controllers, etc. I find this encouraging considering the large amount of respect I have for both Chris and Joe's skills and contributions to the development community, and the fact that they are both framework authors.

Brian Rinaldi pointed out that I had a packed room for my session, and that this was interesting considering that I was presenting a Flex topic at a CF conference. Apparently he had seen lighter attendance at the other Flex talks he had been to. Brian wrote up a play-by-play of my session on his blog.

Naturally, not everybody agrees with my approach. Nahuel pointed out some things that Mate makes simpler, such as handling invocation of remote services and handling the wiring and response handling of AsyncToken for you all in one tag, as opposed to scripting these items as I did in my sample application. I'm definitely going to play with Mate more so I can form an informed opinion before I comment on it in great detail.

Luis Majano really liked the way that I put the Flex app together, and was excited to put some of the patterns in to his sample ColdBox application for his workshop demo tomorrow. I guess if nothing else, this shows that the patterns really do apply to multiple technologies. On a side note, that guy is a coding machine.

Expect more feedback tidbits to be posted here as and when they come in.