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Feb 11, 2008

Leopard 10.5.2 In The Wild 

by Maxim Porges @ 10:20 PM | Link | Feedback (2)

Yep - 10.5.2 is out.

And while people may bitch about Vista (I polled the sys admins today and they said that the best time to go to Vista would be after global warming destroys the Earth), look at some of the crazy crap they had to fix in this latest release of OS X.

"Resolves an issue in which the Eject command could write to a disc in the optical drive."
WTF? I'd be pissed if I ejected a blank disk and it was written to and unusable.

"Addresses an issue in which Setup Assistant could unexpectedly appear each time Mac OS X 10.5 starts up."
Oooo... that would piss me off.

"Addresses an issue in which Finder could unexpectedly quit when displaying folder contents in Column view."
I'd be equally annoyed if Finder bounced itself while I was looking at files.

"Addresses a hanging issue that may occur when connecting to an AFP network volume."
I get weird hanging issues in Finder very occasionally (like, once every two months) when sleeping my Mac at the office while connected to a network share, and then bringing it home (or vice versa). Not sure why a UNIX-based OS has so many issues with this.

There's a few other doozies in there that I'm glad they fixed. So, I guess my point is, OS X ain't perfect either in any new releases, so give the Windows team a break. Although, Apple is on their second point release since a November launch, so they are clearly caning Microsoft in the OS update speed department (although that's nothing new).

On the plus side, here are a few things I'm glad to see added to Leopard.

"Adds a menu bar option for accessing Time Machine features (the menu extra can be enabled in Time Machine preferences)."

"Updates Stacks with a List view option, a Folder view option, and an updated background for Grid view."
Thanks for listening, Apple (item #2). And you all thought Jobs doesn't read my blog. First he rips off all my ideas, and now he tweaks the Dock like I said so. The least he could do in return is give me his GV. :)

I was waiting on 10.5.2 to upgrade my work laptop, so I guess it's almost time. I wish CheckPoint would hurry up and release a final version of the VPN client so I didn't have any remaining hurdles. For now, Tiger remains my friend.