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Jul 20, 2006

Lucky Number 7 

by Maxim Porges @ 9:02 PM | Link | Feedback (2)

Whenever you speak at an event like CFUNITED, attendees rate your presentation and give you feedback on how you did. Usually, I get a mail out from TeraTech with the CFUNITED surveys so I can see how the audience thinks I did, but this year TeraTech went a step further and sent us all our side-by-side rankings. The reason for this might have been to promote some transparency, considering that the top three rated presenters get a free ride next year to CFUNITED 2007 on TeraTech's dime.

First off, congrats to the winners, ranked as follows:

#1 - Josh Adams with "Benefits of Deploying CFML on .NET Versus Java/J2EE"
#2 - Dave Ross with "Inversion of Control and ColdFusion: Using ColdSpring"
#3 - Jeff Tapper with "Event Gateways in CFMX7"

Well, it turns out that I'm not quite as crappy a presenter as my careless banter on this web site might lead you to believe. :)

Turns out, I came in #7 out of 74 presentations. My presentation on "Secrets of Top Notch Development Teams" netted me an average attendee rating of 19.42 points out of a possible 20. For reference, this put me only 0.18 points behind Jeff Tapper, so it was a heck of a close race.

Truth be told, the surveys for five presentations could not be found - and these presentations were given by Joe Rinehart, Sean Corfield, John-Paul Ashenfelter, and Selene Bainum. No disrespect to the other presenters, but having seen the first three of these guys in action, I'd be surprised if the results of these talks wouldn't tip the balance. I've got tremendous respect for everybody who presents at CFUNITED and other CF conferences, but Joe, Sean, and John usually give the most interesting and highly attended presentations when they take the stage.

Well, regardless of the outcome, it's always a pleasure to be a presenter at a community event, and I very much look forward to continuing to present at (or at the very least attend) TeraTech conferences in the future. Many thanks to everybody who attended my presentation, and for taking the time to give me feedback on my performance.

I'll see you all there again next year!